The Giver

It’s been awhile since I read “The Giver” by Louis Lowry but I can still only give praise for the book. The book focuses in a boy named Jonas who lives in a society where everything is controlled. The leaders pick out their spouses, give them children, and decide their jobs. When he is 12 and is to be picked for a job he gets a special one. He is set to be “The Reciever.” I don’t want to give away the rest if the book so I will be vague now. He has to make a hard choice about this job and isnt sure if he can do it.

In the article that I read it calls the book, “hard to follow” and “predictable” but I highly disagree. This book keeps your attention the entire time and its hard to stop reading it. It is one of the first dystopian future books that I read and it got me hooked on the genre. The book ends without telling you what happens after and you have to continue to think. It also never really tells you how The Community got to the point where it is in the book. There are many things to ponder about in the book.

Overall I think that the book is a classic and I would recommend into anyone who asks. I think that the person who wrote the article should look at people’s comments and thoughts and read it again. Some books aren’t for certain people but this book was great for me. It is a great, suspenseful book and it will make you think. I hope you will think about reading it.


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